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Who We Are

  • About Yutime

    As a global supplier of energy and raw materials, Yutime operates a broad portfolio of businesses worldwide including petrochemicals, retail petroleum products, co-generation of heat and power, land ports, international trade, warehousing, transportation, eco-agriculture, real estate and investments, among others. It is our goal to evolve into a comprehensive and diverse international energy company with integrated oil and gas businesses. This will enable us to continuously provide our customers with top quality energy and raw material solutions that are efficient, safe and clean.

  • Yutime in China

    Inspired by the opening up of the vast Chinese petrochemical market, we seek to strategize the midstream and downstream segments, tapping into our advanced technology and management expertise to provide the domestic market with our world-class products and services.

    We are currently engaged in several types of major projects including refining-chemical integration, land ports and co-generation of heat and power, among others. Meanwhile, we are seeking strategic opportunities to upgrade the industrial infrastructure of China’s coastal regions and thereby improve the petrochemical industry both in terms of quality and efficiency. In order to give a more satisfactory consumer experience, we took a market-oriented approach and learned from other world-leading energy brands in order to revamp terminal services for our customers. In the broader international energy market, we are partnering with our global counterparts to extensively cooperate in the areas of production, trade, technology and management.

    In the future, Yutime, with the concept of sustainable development in mind, will extend the production chain and optimize its integration strategy, aiming to build an internationally influential energy brand.

  • Our Mission

    To allow energy to better serve our lives and further social progress, Yutime has joined hands with numerous professional organizations within the energy industry on R&D and the commercialization of clean energy with the goal of reducing environmental pollution. At the same time, Yutime’s continuous investment in employee education and training, with a stress on social responsibility, has contributed to the discovery and development of specialized talent suitable for the demands of our current era.

  • Our Vision

    We aspire to be a force in the industry, supplying high-quality energy for daily consumption coupled with a relentless drive for the advancement of human civilization in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.

  • Yutime, your time

    The Sun is the energy source that has nourished the Earth giving rise to a flourishing human civilization. From firewood, coal and petroleum to new energy, from the agrarian age through the industrial age to the information age, human civilization has continually progressed. Just as the Sun is crucial to the Earth and human civilization, so is energy crucial in propelling humanity towards a new era.

    The Yutime corporate logo symbolizes the relationship between the Sun, energy and progress. The Sun is the energy source; the Earth represents human civilization; and the Universe symbolizes exploration and the vast unknown. Energy from the Sun has nourished human civilization since the beginning of time and has inspired mankind to explore the Universe. Yutime is committed to providing its customers with cutting-edge, sustainable, turnkey solutions for energy and raw materials that will contribute in taking us to the next era.

    Yutime logo

    Yutime believes that every great era is made up of countless brilliant individuals who have been the core driving force for the progress of the times. This stems from the changes we individuals bring about every day. Yutime is not only an enterprise that looks beyond borders to serve you with quality energy and raw materials, but also we are your ally to help you realize your dreams and forge ahead to make progress. Hand in hand, we will seek and explore together a more efficient, safer and sustainable future.

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