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What We Do

  • The Refining-chemical Integration

    Yutime has invested in the crude oil deep processing project with major productions of the cleaner gasoline, diesel of National Standards VI and the essential chemicals such as butanol, octanol, propane, propylene, LPG and meanwhile improves the fine chemical industry chain sourced by BTX aromatic products. The overall integration project plan will adopt a circular economy pattern as well as world-leading production and pollution control techniques. Advanced environmental standards are strictly followed in our design and management to guarantee the supply of quality fuels and raw materials.

  • The Land Port Project

    Our land Port Project in economic development zones integrates bonded areas, international port services, bonded logistic parks, industrial processing, export processing, commodity exchange, passenger transportation and auxiliary facilities. It will be an open international commercial port set up under relevant international transport regulations, agreements and practice. The port will serve as a platform for foreign trade and aid in optimizing the regional export based investment climate.

  • The Cogeneration of Heat and Power Project

    Our co-generation project recycles waste emissions into heat and electricity for production and household use. The surplus goes to the second round of power generation where the power generated will be supplied to the industrial process once again. The excessive power will be added to the National Grid, helping increase the utilization rate. Moreover, Yutime plans to introduce coupling technology in biomass power generation to eliminate pollution resulting from the burning of straw, creating an eco-friendly business model that is, high-value and long lasting; ensuring sustainable development for the local economy and environment.

  • Brand Benchmarking

    By adopting an international brand management methods, Yutime has consolidated the resources of regional private gas stations and upgraded their overall image and service level. We set our benchmark against the products and service standards of world-leading brands and are committed to environmental protection in an effort to build a global fuel brand by supplying efficient, safe and clean energy.

  • Real Estate

    We have also contributed to the renovation of the local business and residential environment. In the petrochemical industrial park, Yutime has constructed star-rated hotels, shopping centers, commercial streets, residential properties with public facilities including hospitals, schools, gyms, etc. By revamping the living environment and people’s lifestyles, we will help the public better understand the petrochemical industry while at the same time spurring local economic growth and the raising of living standards.

  • Eco-agriculture

    Yutime intends to invest in carefully vetted projects in the main agricultural demonstration zones in China ensuring they will strictly adhere to international eco-agriculture standards. Through a sustainable pattern of land use and control at each step of the agricultural production process, a balance will be reached between farming and environmental protection. Substantive agricultural sustainability will be realized not only by expanding output but by keeping nature conservation in perspective to produce agricultural products that are organic, nutritious, healthy and of the highest quality.

  • International Presence

    We have established Yutime (America) Inc. and Yutime Petroleum (America) Inc. in the Americas headquartered in Williams Tower, Houston, lying in the fourth biggest Galleria complex in the US. The companies are currently involved in international trade, investment, mergers and acquisition, real estate as well as business development in oil and gas discovery and refining&chemical integration. With regards to international trade, Yutime takes advantage of Houston being the energy capital focusing on the import and export of chemical products. As for investment and M&A, Yutime has conducted profound investigation into the mining of oil and gas deposits and refining-chemical integration, reaching out to upstream segments via investment, integration and acquisition. When it comes to real estate and using Houston as a gateway, Yutime aims to lend our commercial property management expertise to local projects. A landmark-centered market strategy will be implemented to promote high-end apartments and shopping centers across the North America. Moving forward, in a wider alliance based on fuel and raw materials coupled with ancillary business interests, Yutime will build a win-win business relationship with our international partners.

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