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Our Values

Recognizing the urgent need for sustainable development, Yutime has been unceasingly fulfilling its duties as a global energy company to make our world more efficient, safer and sustainable.

Yutime Petroleum’s refining-chemical integration project provides society with clean fuels and fine chemicals. Using clean fuels reduces emissions and results in cleaner air for a wider population. In our production process, environment control systems have been set up in our plants to ensure minimal impact to the air, water, and ecology, helping secure a more sustainable path of development for the local environment. Yutime pledges to the community that each of its petrochemical projects supplies efficient, clean and safe energy, which will lead humanity towards a more promising future.

Our land port project is looking to build an international commercial port that integrates bonded areas, export processing zones, bonded logistic parks and port functions. The port provides services including international transit, dispatching, purchasing, transshipment and export processing and facilitates the connection of inland regions with the wider world. Thanks to the project, local regions can enjoy direct foreign trade and international port services right at their doorstep, as well as the development of an export-oriented local economy.

Our co-generation of heat and power project has replaced the mini power plants and small coal-fired boilers that accounted for serious air pollution in the past, yielding numerous benefits such as energy conservation, improvement of the local environment, heating quality upgrade, and an increased supply of electricity. The project has ensured an economic solution to heating and electricity supply to both the industrial and civilian sectors. Moving forward, Yutime plans to introduce the most eco-friendly and efficient coupling technology in biomass power generation to eliminate the pollution from burning straw, as well as implementing large-scale processing of sewage, which will provide fuel flexibility, decrease the use of coal for electricity generation, increase renewable energy power capacity and drive the industry towards a low-carbon, clean and green future.

Besides participating in the energy revolution, Yutime has been an active player in reforming agriculture. We have taken into account the two-sides of the equation where modern agriculture has not only brought us higher productivity and more products but also caused an ecological crisis due to soil erosion, high fertilizer and pesticide use, as well as environmental pollution. The eco-agriculture project that Yutime has invested in and constructed utilizes artificial ecological engineering design to resolve conflicts between economic development and environmental protection, resources utilization and conservation, preserving the ecology and growing the economy. The project advocates a sustainable development model that fits the requirements of the new age.

Yutime has subtly influenced people’s vision of a better life through changes in their environment and lifestyles, and this has effectively become a driving force for human advancement. The residential property, commercial real estate and public infrastructure projects developed by Yutime have helped revamp both the local economy and living environment. Yutime has developed a number of commercial real estate ventures including star-rated hotels, shopping centers and commercial streets that have revitalized the local economy. Yutime has also invested in and constructed residential properties with public facilities including hospitals, schools, gyms and established the Sunshine Fund, relieving its employees of housing and other burdens. Yutime has enabled more people to see the huge role that the petrochemical industry has played in the local economy, society and culture, and this has led to a better understanding of energy and the need for conservation that is helping make future development more sustainable.

As a response to the trend of our times, Yutime is using the supply of energy and raw materials to help propel the evolution of mankind. We believe that individual change will eventually result in the transformation of an era. In the future, through its projects, Yutime will provide greater motivation for people to change, and will help individuals who are as determined as we are to create our own era.

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